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My Story

I am just a girl from the south side of Chicago. I attended the illustrious Fisk University in Nashville, TN where I earned a B.A. in psychology. I always knew I was made for something outside of myself. Growing up in the tradition of the Baptist church I tried to live inside the lines. I was SUPER shy but once I found myself and my voice, I never looked back. This new freedom has garnered an unapologetic spirit that enjoys all facets of life.


Savvyjai is a black birth and postpartum doula in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. I had been doing the doula work LONG before I even knew what a doula was. I just knew that I loved the process of bringing forth life and assisting mothers during the process. My doula life was birth out of my friends allowing me to be present for them. Learning how to best serve them in pregnancy, I would research tips on breathing, non-medical pain management, breastfeeding, and more.


It was through these experiences that I realized I was made for this. I am now equipped to support birthing persons in all stages (prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum).  Learning that every birther, birth, and baby are different has helped me learn how to best show up and assist. To educate and empower pregnant people to advocate for the birth they want and the birth they deserve is my purpose. My goal is to make sure that every pregnant person I support feels like the strong birther they were born to be.


Savvyjai was born out of Twitter circa 2008. I wasn't quite sure what I was savvy about but it didn't take long. Savvyjai is savvy about a bunch of stuff and with this life to share, here we are.

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